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Molecular Formula:C5H3ClN2O2

Molecular Weight:158.5425

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 5-Chloro-2-nitropyridine; 52092-47-4; ACMC-209kxq; AC1Q3PNM; AC1L61VM; AC1Q1Y8R; NCIOpen2_001326; KSC494A5L; SCHEMBL851644; SCHEMBL17525875; CTK3J4055; DTXSID90293525; 2-Nitro-5-chloropyridine; 5-Chloro-2-nitropyridine, 97%; YUBHMOQVHOODEI-UHFFFAOYSA-N; ACN-S003324; ACT01373; BCP09359; KS-000001SJ; ZINC1580803; ANW-31404; CN-034; NSC-90388; 3-Chloro-6-nitropyridine; SBB065227; AKOS000431607; CS-W002991; MCULE-8456003420; PS-4114; RP22209; RP22211; RTX-010804; TRA0069920; AC-23544; MFCD03092916; AJ-27462; AK-47611; AN-41122; BR-47611; C249; CJ-05480; CJ-25134; HC150058; N163; SC-05015; 5-Chloro-2-nitro-pyridine; SY013411; AB0015588; AB1005180; DB-005376; TL8003442; AM20070239; FT-0601489; ST24032985; EN300-08929; M-3041; Pyridine, 5-chloro-2-nitro-; MFCD03092916 (97+%); 092C474; J-517330; null; C5H3ClN2O2; AR-1G7637; CID259806; 5-Chloro-2-nitropyridine, 97% 1g; ACN-028043; A7656; 5-chlor-2-nitropyridin; 5469-37-4; NSC90388; PubChem6693;

Keywords: 52092-47-4,MFCD03092916,1P003N4C,5-Chloro-2-nitropyridine,C5H3ClN2O2

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