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5-Amino-3-methylisothiazole hydrochloride




Molecular Formula:C4H7ClN2S

Molecular Weight:150.6298

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 52547-00-9; 3-methylisothiazol-5-amine hydrochloride; CCRIS 1139; 5-ISOTHIAZOLAMINE, 3-METHYL-, MONOHYDROCHLORIDE; 5-AMINO-3-METHYL ISOTHIAZOLE HCl; EINECS 257-997-2; AI3-61753; 3-methylisothiazole-5-ylamine, chloride; 5-Isothiazolamine, 3-methyl-, hydrochloride; PubChem9737; zlchem 1312; AC1MC3VO; 5-Amino-3-methylisothiazole hydrochloride; SCHEMBL187027; AC1Q39K5; CTK2H4006; ZLE0088; ZRTGHKVPFXNDHE-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 5-Amino-3-methylisothiazole, HCl; CS-M1245; KS-000002EW; MFCD00012716; SBB004066; 3-methyl-1,2-thiazol-5-amine Hydrochloride; AKOS009097979; AN-5735; MCULE-4917388600; 3-methylisothiazole-5-amine hydrochloride; 71134-43-5; BP-20132; LS-86270; O090; QC-10144; SC-05042; 5-amino-3-methylisothiazole hcl; SY027628; TS-01985; 3-methyl-isothiazole-5-amine hydrochloride; AB0016246; AB1001848; RT-004910; 3-methyl-isothiazol-5-ylamine, hydrochloride; 4CH-002101; FT-0630068; ST24042350; 5-Amino-3-methyl-isothiazole hydrochloride; ST50949510; EN300-25458; MFCD00012716 (98%); Z-4915; A829135; I09-1910; F2158-1510; Z1201023057; null; C4H7ClN2S; 3-methyl-5-amino-isothiazole hcl; C4H6N2S.ClH; C4-H6-N2-S.Cl-H; CID2723918; 5-Amino-3-methylisothiazole (monohydrochloride); 3-methyl-isothiazol-5-ylamine hydrochloride; 3-Methyl-5-isothiazolamine hydrochloride; 3-Methylisothiazol-5-ylamine hydrochloride;

Keywords: 52547-00-9,MFCD00012716,1P003A0Z,5-Amino-3-methylisothiazole hydrochloride,C4H7ClN2S

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