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Molecular Formula:C12H14O

Molecular Weight:174.2390

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: Cyclopentyl phenyl ketone; 5422-88-8; MFCD00001378; 9891K7W47P; CYCLOPENTYLPHENYLKETONE; EINECS 226-548-2; NSC 10749; NSC 401765; ACMC-209leg; phenyl cyclopentyl ketone; AC1Q5EPF; AC1Q5EPG; Cyclopentyl(phenyl)methanone; Cyclopentanylphenylmethanone; AC1L2XG4; KSC492O1L; SCHEMBL965420; Cyclopentyl(phenyl)methanone #; DTXSID0063864; CTK3J2715; VYDIMQRLNMMJBW-UHFFFAOYSA-; EBD39216; NSC10749; Benzoylcyclopentane; ZINC1712450; 7797AB; ANW-32006; NSC-10749; NSC401765; SBB007885; AKOS009158414; ZINC100042533; CS-W017495; FR-0520; Methanone, cyclopentylphenyl-; MCULE-3860643399; NSC-401765; RTR-019176; TRA0020075; KS-00000C37; AJ-30787; AS-31077; CJ-06791; SC-49401; SY015104; cyclopentylphenylmethanone; TR-019176; AK00739429; FT-0622753; ST24046397; ST50407091; EN300-72848; MFCD00001378 (96%); K-9787; I14-20201; Z1250132481; Ketone, cyclopentyl phenyl; Benzoylcyclopentane; cyclopentyl-phenyl-methanone; cyclopentyl(phenyl)methanone; methanone, cyclopentylphenyl-; InChI=1/C12H14O/c13-12(11-8-4-5-9-11)10-6-2-1-3-7-10/h1-3,6-7,11H,4-5,8-9H2; C12H14O; CID79464; c0882; C12-H14-O; cyclopentyl-phenyl-methanone; UNII-9891K7W47P; VYDIMQRLNMMJBW-UHFFFAOYSA-N;

Keywords: 5422-88-8,MFCD00001378,1P003PN9,CYCLOPENTYL PHENYL KETONE,C12H14O

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