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4-Methyloctanoic acid




Molecular Formula:C9H18O2

Molecular Weight:158.2380

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 4-methyloctanoic acid; 4-Methyloctanoic acid; LEGGANXCVQPIAI-UHFFFAOYSA-N; AK164469; W-105595; Octanoic acid, 4-methyl-, (R)-; FEMA No. 3575; EINECS 259-404-2; ACMC-20mssw; ACMC-20mssx; ACMC-209lkc; AC1L1WGG; 54947-74-9; Octanoic acid,4-methyl-; rac-4-Methyloctanoic acid; KSC489O6T; SCHEMBL416333; CTK3I9769; FEMA 3575; KS-00000MUP; BCP19094; ANW-32218; LMFA01020244; Octanoic acid, 4-methyl-; SBB065822; (r,s)-(+/-)-4-methyloctanoic acid; AKOS006221865; MCULE-2454273176; RTR-019399; TRA0023702; VZ29421; AN-40495; AS-15966; CC-19943; 4-methyl-octanoic acid; R584; AB0018218; AB1006054; TR-019399; FT-0619094; M2048; ST50824696; (+/-)-4-Methyloctanoic acid, >=98%, FG; 947M749; C-03810; 4-Methylcaprylic acid; I04-0468; null; 4-Methyloctanoicacid; UNII-5545264N9R; C9H18O2; CID62089; C9-H18-O2; Octanoic acid, 4-methyl-, (4S)-; FA(9:0); 5545264N9R; (+/-)-4-Methyloctanoic acid; (+/-)-4-Methyloctanoic acid, 98% - 25G 25g; 128342-71-2; 128342-72-3; 4-Methyl-n-octanoic Acid; 4-methyl octanoic acid; MFCD00051938;

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