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4-Butylbenzene-1-sulfonyl chloride




Molecular Formula:C10H13ClO2S

Molecular Weight:232.7270

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Synonyms: 4-butylbenzene-1-sulfonyl chloride; 54997-92-1; PubChem5484; 4-N-BUTYLBENZENESULFONYLCHLORIDE; AC1MC76D; AC1Q2VF3; p-butylbenzenesulfonyl chloride; SCHEMBL282318; 4-butyl-benzenesulfonyl chloride; 4-n-butylphenylsulfonyl chloride; CTK6D6427; DTXSID50372007; 4-butylbenzenesulfonyl chloride; OVFZELSNOHIDEF-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 4-(n-butyl)benzenesulfonyl chloride; ALBB-000979; ZX-AN000966; ZX-AT005111; ZX-CM000227; ANW-54888; BBL017932; OR0006; SBB098004; 4-N-Butylbenzenesulfonyl chloride; STK502394; ZINC95707684; 4-ButYl-Benzene-1-Sulfonyl Chloride; AKOS000145832; BBV-031790; MCULE-9452244541; RP05614; VZ27937; AN-40414; CC-16889; 4-(n-butyl)benzenesulphonyl chloride; PS-10869; SC-65338; AX8012105; TR-019413; FT-0617943; ST24028981; ST51039970; Y9440; 4-N-butylbenzenesulfonyl chloride, AldrichCPR; W-6620; 4-n-butylbenzenesulphonyl chloride; A830437; C-13641; J-514858; I01-13410; C10H13ClO2S; CID2737352; Benzenesulfonyl chloride, 4-butyl-; MFCD00173908; 4-(But-1-yl)benzenesulphonyl chloride; (4-butylphenyl)chlorosulfone;

Keywords: 54997-92-1,MFCD00173908,1P003MA8,4-Butylbenzene-1-sulfonyl chloride,C10H13ClO2S

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  • 4-Butylbenzene-1-sulfonyl chloride, also known as $name$, is a versatile compound commonly used in chemical synthesis. This compound plays a crucial role in organic chemistry as a key building block for the preparation of various pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and materials.One of the primary applications of 4-Butylbenzene-1-sulfonyl chloride in chemical synthesis is in the formation of sulfonamides. By reacting with amines, this compound can be used to introduce the sulfonyl group into organic molecules, leading to the formation of valuable sulfonamide derivatives. These derivatives are widely employed in medicinal chemistry due to their diverse biological activities and pharmacological properties.Additionally, 4-Butylbenzene-1-sulfonyl chloride is utilized as a sulfonylating agent in the synthesis of sulfones. Through suitable reactions with different nucleophiles, such as organometallic reagents or enolates, this compound enables the preparation of various sulfone compounds, which have important applications in organic synthesis and materials science.Overall, the ability of 4-Butylbenzene-1-sulfonyl chloride to serve as a versatile precursor for sulfonamides and sulfones makes it a valuable tool in the toolbox of synthetic chemists, facilitating the preparation of diverse organic molecules with potential applications in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and materials.

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