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Molecular Formula:C6Cl2N4

Molecular Weight:198.9970

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 56413-95-7; 5,6-Dichloro-2,3-dicyanopyrazine; C6Cl2N4; SCHEMBL2383543; CTK1H3380; DTXSID30345890; 2,3-dicyano-5,6-dichloropyrazine; ZINC2556819; ANW-32507; MFCD00191419; AKOS005363154; DS-5149; 5,6-dichloropyrazine-2,3-dicarbonitrile; FCH2256344; MCULE-7744459624; QC-6942; 5,6-Dichloro-2,3-pyrazinedicabonitrile; KS-0000131F; AJ-39989; AN-40146; BBV-34551331; 5,6-dichloro-pyrazine-2,3-dicarbonitrile; 5,6-Dichloro-2,3-pyrazinedicarbonitrile #; 5,6-Dichloro-2,3-pyrazinedicarbonitrile; AX8101654; DB-058086; TR-019808; D2271; FT-0619816; 5,6-Dichloro-2,3-pyrazinedicarboxylic acid; Dinitrile; I14-106545; CID607820; ZINC02556819; QUFXYBKGILUJHS-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 2,3-dichloro-5,6-dicyanopyrazine; AK126221; 2,3-Pyrazinedicarbonitrile, 5,6-dichloro-; AC1LCW8P; ACMC-1AV7Q;

Keywords: 56413-95-7,MFCD00191419,1P003MQH,5,6-Dichloropyrazine-2,3-dicarbonitrile,C6Cl2N4

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