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Molecular Formula:C10H12O2

Molecular Weight:164.2011

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 4-Propoxybenzaldehyde; 5736-85-6; 4 - Propoxybenzaldehyde; 4-n-propyloxybenzaldehyde; NSC 406729; BRN 0743408; UNII-0OW6V9S3I7; AI3-05518; 0OW6V9S3I7; FGXZWMCBNMMYPL-UHFFFAOYSA-N; MFCD00014134; WLN: VHR DO3; p-Propoxybenzaldehyde; 4-propoxy-benzaldehyde; 4-Propoxy benzaldehyde; 4-Propyloxybenzaldehyde; PubChem20260; ACMC-209lxm; 1,4-Propoxybenzaldehyde; Benzaldehyde,4-propoxy-; AC1Q2YFW; ASISCHEM V31873; 4-Propoxybenzaldehyde, 97%; Benzaldehyde, 4-propoxy-; 4-08-00-00255 (Beilstein Handbook Reference); SCHEMBL541949; AC1L2Y70; DTXSID0063991; CTK5A6739; TIMTEC-BB SBB008225; ALBB-007503; EBD13283; NSC32509; ZINC1664925; 4-n-Propoxybenzaldehyde; AKOS BBS-00003252; ANW-32696; BBL027802; NSC-32509; NSC406729; SBB008225; STK500953; AKOS000120853; AS03944; CS-W020540; Propoxybenzaldehyde; DS-4950; FR-1083; LS10540; MCULE-3479782850; NSC-406729; OTAVA-BB 7020401736; AJ-28983; AK110805; CJ-26896; LS-25152; Benzaldehyde, p-propoxy-; SY049847; DB-053037; ST2405939; ST4111092; TR-020029; FT-0635827; P0182; R1283; MFCD00014134 (97%); I01-13397; p-(n-Propoxy)benzaldehyde; I14-101646; A3647/0154786; 4-Propoxy-benzaldehyde; p-propoxybenzaldehyde; benzaldehyde, 4-propoxy-; 4-n-Propoxybenzaldehyde, 97% 5g; CID79812; C10-H12-O2; 4-Propoxybenzaldehyde, 98% - 25G 25g; NSC 32509; p-n-Propoxybenzaldehyde;

Keywords: 5736-85-6,MFCD00014134,1P003ME7,4-Propoxybenzaldehyde,C10H12O2

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