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Bismuth subcarbonate




Molecular Formula:CBi2O5

Molecular Weight:509.9685

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: (BiO)2CO3; Bi2O2CO3; 2,4-Dioxa-1,5-dibismapentane, 1,3,5-trioxo-; EINECS 227-567-9; MFCD00010877; Bismuth carbonate oxide (Bi2(CO3)O2); NCGC00165997-01; 1,3,5-trioxo-2,4-dioxa-1,5-dibismapentane; bismuthyl carbonate; bismuth carbonate oxide; CBi2O5; Bismuth carbonate [USAN]; bismuth subcarbonate; Bismuth subcarbonate (TN); DSSTox_CID_26518; DSSTox_RID_81685; bis(oxobismuthanyl) carbonate; DSSTox_GSID_46518; Bismuth(III) carbonate basic; SCHEMBL1650517; DTXSID5046518; Bismuth subcarbonate (JAN/USP); CHEBI:31291; Bismuth subcarbonate; Bismuth subcarbonate [USAN:JAN]; BISMUTH CARBONATE, Bi2O2CO3; Tox21_112284; AKOS015903495; Bismuth subcarbonate [USAN:USP:JAN]; AN-20030; LS-44728; CAS-5892-10-4; 2,4-dioxa-1,5-dibismapentane-1,3,5-trione; Bismuth(III) carbonate basic, p.a., 81.0%; 5892-10-4; D01757; 1,5-dioxo-2,4-dioxa-1,5-dibismapentan-3-one; I14-19249; Bismuth subcarbonate, United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Reference Standard; Bismuth(III) carbonate basic, puriss., meets analytical specification of Ph. Eur., 80-82.5% Bi basis (calc. on dried substance); Mixture Name; Bismuthsubcarbonate; Amforol (Veterinary); UNII-M41L2IN55T; M41L2IN55T; Bismuth carbonate; Bismuth Carbonate (Basic) 100gm; MFCD03001202; Bismuth (III) carbonate hydrate basic; 4-(4-Fluorophenyl)-1H-pyrazol-5-amine; Basic bismuth carbonate; Dibismuth carbonate dioxide; bismuth oxycarbonate; Bismuth(III) carbonate;

Keywords: 5892-10-4,MFCD00149599,1P003OUM,Bismuth subcarbonate,CBi2O5

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