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Molecular Formula:C6H7N3O

Molecular Weight:137.1393

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 5-Amino-3-pyridinecarboxamide; 60524-14-3; SCHEMBL520949; 5-azanylpyridine-3-carboxamide; 3-Pyridinecarboxamide,5-amino-; CTK8B5906; DTXSID50209268; GQGQFLVAXGKVQL-UHFFFAOYSA-N; CS-D1540; KS-00000B8H; ZINC1604990; ANW-50976; 5-Aminonicotinamide; FCH865291; MFCD09038483; AKOS006330215; RP20352; TRA0037459; VP13562; AC-22336; AJ-28091; BR-26169; CJ-05718; 5-aminopyridine-3-carboxamide; SY019492; TS-00035; AB0025778; AX8021722; DB-082417; TR-020892; FT-0649225; ST24032900; W7302; A26263; 3-Pyridinecarboxamide, 5-amino-; S-5291; MFCD09038483 (97+%); 524A143; A832762; I02-0879; J-516721; 5-aminonicotinonitrile; C6H7N3O; 5-Amino-3-pyridinecarbonitrile; C6-H7-N3-O; 5-amino-nicotinamide; CID173747; NSC521567; ACN-030484; 3-Pyridinecarboxamide, 5-amino- (9CI); 13600-47-0; AK-26169; 5-amino nicotinamide; AC1L5AGH; 3-Aminopyridine-5-carboxamide;

Keywords: 60524-14-3,MFCD09038483,1P003MV3,5-Amino-3-pyridinecarboxamide,C6H7N3O

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