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Molecular Formula:C14H14O2S

Molecular Weight:246.3248

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: Dibenzyl sulfone; 620-32-6; Benzene,1'-[sulfonylbis(methylene)]bis-; Dibenzylsulfon; EINECS 210-636-2; DIBENZYL-SULFONE; Benzyl sulfone, 99%; AI3-02902; AC1L2BIN; ACMC-1AYB4; AC1Q6V0X; NSC67; Benzyl sulfone; SCHEMBL88641; Benzil-related compound, 59; sulfonylbis(methylene)dibenzene; [(benzylsulfonyl)methyl]benzene; CHEMBL365129; NSC-67; BDBM22779; CTK5B4232; DTXSID70211040; AWHNUHMUCGRKRA-UHFFFAOYSA-N; (Sulfonylbis(methylene))dibenzene; ZINC389634; NSC212545; SBB071451; [(phenylmethane)sulfonylmethyl]benzene; AKOS003626438; MCULE-2042335220; NSC-212545; AJ-20882; BENZYL SULFONE; DIBENZYL SULPHONE;; ST093585; Dibenzyl sulphone; ZB011800; Benzene,1,1'-[sulfonylbis(methylene)]bis-; TC-167279; FT-0624647; ST24026674; SR-01000531237; SR-01000531237-1; CID69282; AR-1I3944; c0899; benzylsulfonylmethylbenzene; C14-H14-O2-S; Dibenzyl sulfone, 99% - 25G 25g; 6317-62-0; MFCD00022036; Benzene, 1,1'-(sulfonylbis(methylene))bis-; Benzene, 1,1'-[sulfonylbis(methylene)]bis-; phenyl[benzylsulfonyl]methane;

Keywords: 620-32-6,MFCD00022036,1P003PSM,(Sulfonylbis(methylene))dibenzene,C14H14O2S

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