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9-Oxo-9H-fluorene-4-carboxylic acid




Molecular Formula:C14H8O3

Molecular Weight:224.2115

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 6223-83-2; 9-Fluorenone-4-carboxylic acid; AC1L2ZAP; AC1Q5V0C; AC1Q72MO; MLS004820232; SCHEMBL600330; CTK2F4548; DTXSID10211281; ZINC265675; ALBB-006588; KS-00000FK9; 9-Oxo-9H-fluorene-4-carboxylic acid; BBL011729; CO-103; FC0905; NSC-27908; SBB048289; STK500726; 9-FLUORENONE-4-CARBOXLIC ACID; AKOS001581033; AC-1718; CCG-202852; 9-Oxofluorene-4-carboxylic acid; CS-W014225; DS-5097; MCULE-7088854766; VZ35744; 9-Oxofluorene-4-carboxylic acid, 97%; 9-Oxo-9H-fluorene-4-carboxylic acid #; AJ-18570; AN-14645; BC652008; SC-21259; 9H-Fluorene-4-carboxylic acid, 9-oxo-; SMR000415132; AB0076314; AX8111745; TR-021388; BB 0259233; F0804; FT-0621656; R1011; ST45028182; 223F832; AFQYQSWTVCNJQT-UHFFFAOYSA-N; SR-01000596916; I14-0881; SR-01000596916-1; CID80361; AR-1H5944; C14-H8-O3; 9-FLUORENONE-4-CARBOXYLICACID; 6325-95-7; MFCD00001145; AK111096; NSC27908; EINECS 228-311-9;

Keywords: 6223-83-2,MFCD00001145,1P003O1P,9-Oxo-9H-fluorene-4-carboxylic acid,C14H8O3

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