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Butyl hexanoate




Molecular Formula:C10H20O2

Molecular Weight:172.2646

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Synonyms: butyl caproate; butyl caprylate; n-Butyl caproate; NSC 4022; UNII-EBK588Q27T; n-Butyl n-hexanoate; FEMA No. 2201; EINECS 210-964-6; BRN 1754426; Butyl ester of hexanoic acid; AI3-06129; EBK588Q27T; Butyl hexanoate; butylhexanoat; Hexanoic acid butyl; ACMC-1AYQN; AC1L1ZA3; SCHEMBL48779; n-Caproic acid-n-butyl ester; KSC489Q3F; Butyl hexanoate, >=98%, FG; DTXSID8060824; CHEBI:89561; 626-82-4; CTK3I9832; FEMA 2201; NSC4022; RPRPDTXKGSIXMD-UHFFFAOYSA-N; NSC-4022; ZINC1672954; Butyl hexanoate, analytical standard; ANW-34328; LMFA07010436; MFCD00053804; Butyl caproate; SBB061115; AKOS015904473; LS-2599; MCULE-7438606212; RTR-021558; TRA0030336; AJ-29287; AN-22036; CJ-06150; TL8004232; Hexanoic acid, butyl ester; TR-021558; FT-0688097; ST24030227; ST51047177; WE(4:0/6:0); I14-16819; Butyl hexanoate, United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Reference Standard; Butyl caprylate; CID12294; C10-H20-O2; N-BUTYL HEXANOATE; WE(10:0); Butyl hexanoate, 98% - 100ML 100ml; H0107; 4-02-00-00922 (Beilstein Handbook Reference); n-Caproic acid n-butyl ester; Butyl caproate (natural); Hexanoic Acid Butyl Ester;

Keywords: 626-82-4,MFCD00053804,1P003P2K,Butyl hexanoate,C10H20O2

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