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7-Aminoheptanoic acid hydrochloride




Molecular Formula:C7H16ClNO2

Molecular Weight:181.6604

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 7-AMINOHEPTANOIC ACID HYDROCHLORIDE; 62643-56-5; AC-27015; AS-10683; SC-52825; SY034831; DB-073166; FT-0698702; ST24045580; MFCD12405602 (95%); A-9335; A802409; 7-AMinoheptanoic Acid Hcl; I05-0197; Q-200560; 7-amino-heptanoic acid HCL; 7-Aminoheptanoicacidhydrochloride; 7-Amino-3-vinyl-3-cephem-4-carboxylic acid; 1117-66-4; Heptanoic acid, 7-amino-, hydrochloride; SCHEMBL1284064; 7-azanylheptanoic acid hydrochloride; 7-Amino-heptanoic acid hydrochloride; MFCD12405602; AKOS015894256; KS-0000017N;

Keywords: 62643-56-5,MFCD12405602,1P003NTM,7-Aminoheptanoic acid hydrochloride,C7H16ClNO2

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