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Bis(2-(diphenylphosphino)ethyl)amine hydrochloride




Molecular Formula:C28H30ClNP2

Molecular Weight:477.9450

UN Number:

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Synonyms: 66534-97-2; Bis(2-(diphenylphosphino)ethyl)amine hydrochloride; NSC348506; NSC-348506; SC11609; bis[2-(diphenylphosphanyl)ethyl]amine hydrochloride; Ethanamine, 2-(diphenylphosphino)-N-[2-(diphenylphosphino)ethyl]-, hydrochloride; 2-(Diphenylphosphanyl)-N-[2-(diphenylphosphanyl)ethyl]ethan-1-amine--hydrogen chloride (1/1); Ethanamine, hydrochloride; P(CCNCCP(c1ccccc1)c2ccccc2)(c3ccccc3)c4ccccc4; BIS[(2-DIPHENYLPHOSPHINO)ETHYL]AMMONIUM CHLORIDE; MFCD00061569; Bis(2-(diphenylphosphino)ethyl)ammonium chloride; C28H30ClNP2; SCHEMBL20448097; CTK2F8899; DTXSID30611062; 0221AC;

Keywords: 66534-97-2,MFCD00061569,1P003OO8,Bis(2-(diphenylphosphino)ethyl)amine hydrochloride,C28H30ClNP2

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