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Molecular Formula:C18H18O4

Molecular Weight:298.3331

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 76487-56-4; 4-Methoxyphenyl 4'-(3-butenyloxy)benzoate; AC1Q4DHQ; ACMC-209p3x; SCHEMBL738854; CTK8B2297; DTXSID60227291; CXPLNUIZUUBDCU-UHFFFAOYSA-N; ZINC2512542; ANW-36811; MFCD00143337; SBB008451; 4-Methoxyphenyl 4-(3-butenyloxy)benzoate; AKOS025116686; MCULE-3867588245; TR-035464; 4-Methoxyphenyl 4-(3-butenyloxy)benzoate #; FT-0618950; M2106; ST50826138; C-56350; 4-METHOXYPHENYL4'- BENZOATE; CID144778; 4-(3-Butenyloxy)benzoic Acid 4-Methoxyphenyl Ester; 4-CHLORO-1-METHYLINDOLE-2-BORONIC ACID, PINACOL ESTER; 1256360-42-5; 4-methoxyphenyl 4-(but-3-en-1-yloxy)benzoate; FR-2077; (4-methoxyphenyl) 4-but-3-enoxybenzoate; Benzoic acid, 4-(3-butenyloxy)-, 4-methoxyphenyl ester; 4-methoxyphenyl 4-but-3-enyloxybenzoate; AC1L3PWL;

Keywords: 76487-56-4,MFCD00143337,1P003M54,4-METHOXYPHENYL 4'-(3-BUTENYLOXY)BENZOATE,C18H18O4

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1P003M54 >98.0%(GC) 5g $210.00 $158.00 In Stock USA ADD TO CART BUY NOW

  • 4-Methoxyphenyl 4-(3-Butenyloxy)benzoate, also known as $name$, serves as a versatile reagent in chemical synthesis. Its unique chemical structure allows for diverse applications in organic chemistry reactions. In chemical synthesis, 4-Methoxyphenyl 4-(3-Butenyloxy)benzoate can be utilized as a key intermediate in the construction of various organic compounds. Its presence facilitates the formation of esters, ethers, and other functional groups through selective reactions. Furthermore, the compound can participate in cross-coupling reactions to introduce 4-(3-Butenyloxy)benzoate moieties onto different aromatic systems. This capability enables the creation of complex molecules with specific substitution patterns, crucial for the development of novel materials and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, 4-Methoxyphenyl 4-(3-Butenyloxy)benzoate can be employed in the synthesis of natural products and biologically active compounds. Its presence as a building block in organic reactions allows for the tailored design and modification of molecules for target-specific applications.Overall, the versatile nature of 4-Methoxyphenyl 4-(3-Butenyloxy)benzoate makes it a valuable tool in the toolkit of synthetic chemists, enabling the efficient and precise construction of diverse organic molecules for various industrial and research purposes.

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