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Molecular Formula:C5H3BrN4

Molecular Weight:199.0081

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 6-Bromopurine; 6-BROMO-7H-PURINE; 6-Bromo purine; EINECS 212-187-8; NSC 45150; CTGFGRDVWBZYNB-UHFFFAOYSA-N; BP1; PubChem22639; ACMC-20a9mw; 6-Bromopurine, 98%; AC1NRAE2; AC1Q25CZ; 767-69-1; SCHEMBL13014; AC1Q25D0; CTK2H8293; 1H-Purine, 6-bromo- (9CI); DTXSID20227499; BCP27817; EBD23128; STR08792; ZINC5783717; ANW-63414; 6-bromo-9H-purine; MFCD00022648; NSC-45150; SBB000377; AKOS003398781; AKOS009156641; AB21718; CS-W010522; DB02168; LS20606; MCULE-9755088349; Purine, 6-bromo-; RP25642; TRA0037442; KS-000000F8; AC-23871; AJ-54854; AK-81766; AN-47520; BC004811; SC-47460; ST065681; 6-Bromo-1H-purine; SY012323; AB1008893; DB-023113; LS-126482; TX-017296; A9730; AM20080938; FT-0632919; ST24045212; MFCD00022648 (98%); 1H-Purine, 6-bromo-; C-1057; 767B691; W-203756; I14-51247; null; C5H3BrN4; C5-H3-Br-N4; 6-Bromopurine, 98% - 1G 1g; NSC45150; CID5287830; BB-127E; N/A; BROMOPURINE; 9H-Purine, 6-bromo-;

Keywords: 767-69-1,MFCD00022648,1P003NLO,6-Bromo-7H-purine,C5H3BrN4

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