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Acamprosate Calcium




Molecular Formula:C10H20CaN2O8S2

Molecular Weight:400.4824

UN Number:

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Synonyms: acamprosate; acamprosate calcium; calcium acetylhomotaurine; Z1696861853; 1-Propanesulfonic acid, 3-(acetylamino)-, calcium salt (2:1); Campral; Acamprosate; Acamprosatecalcium; CA-Aota; calcium acetyl homotaurinate; C5H11NO4S.1/2Ca; calcium acetylaminopropane sulfonate; CID155434; Campral; C5-H11-N-O4-S.1/2Ca; CS-O-00924; A2359; A3142; Acamprosate calcium, 98%, GABA receptor agonist and modulator of glutamatergic systems - 10MG 10mg; Campral EC; N Acetylhomotaurine; N Acetylhomotaurine, Monolithium Salt; N Acetylhomotaurine, Monopotassium Salt; N Acetylhomotaurine, Monosodium Salt; N-acetylhomotaurine; N-acetylhomotaurine, calcium (2:1) salt; N-acetylhomotaurine, magnesium (2:1) salt; acamprostate; N-acetylhomotaurine, monolithium salt; N-acetylhomotaurine, monopotassium salt; N-acetylhomotaurine, monosodium salt; N-acetylhomotaurine, zinc (2:1) salt; Regtect; sodium acetylhomotaurine; Zulex; Acamprosate calcium; 77337-73-6; Alcomed; Acetyl Homotaurinate, Calcium; Campral EC; Sobriol; Aotal; calcium 3-acetamidopropane-1-sulfonate; calcium acetylhomotaurinate; Acamprosate calcium [USAN]; UNII-59375N1D0U; Acamprosate calcium salt; EINECS 278-665-3; 1-Propanesulfonic acid, 3-(acetylamino)-, calcium salt (2:1); Acetylhomotaurinate, Calcium; Calcium 3-(acetylamino)propane-1-sulfonate; Calcium(2+) 3-(acetylamino)propanesulphonate; CHEBI:51042; 59375N1D0U; calcium bis(3-acetamidopropane-1-sulfonate); DSSTox_CID_27529; DSSTox_RID_82399; DSSTox_GSID_47529; C10H20CaN2O8S2; 3-(Acetylamino)-1-propanesulfonic acid calcium salt (2:1); Acetylhomotaurine, Calcium; CAS-77337-73-6; Calcium 3-Acetamido-1-propanesulfonate; NCGC00167462-01; acamprosate-calcium; Calcium acamprosate; Campral (TN); Regtect (TN); N-Acetylhomotaurine Calcium; AC1L4EA7; Calcium bisacetyl homotaurine; Acetylhomotaurine, Sodium; 2C5H10NO4S.Ca; Acamprosate Calcium , 98%; Calcium N-acetylhomotaurinate; SCHEMBL137771; CHEMBL2068724; DTXSID6047529; Acamprosate calcium (JAN/USAN); CTK8B2992; HMS3264J11; HMS3713L22; Aotal; Pharmakon1600-01505711; Tox21_112466; Tox21_302606; ANW-41555; KM1845; NSC759186; AKOS015895192; AB07649; AC-5599; AN-6714; calcium acetyl homotaurinate; API0001351; CCG-213526; KS-5292; NSC-759186; Calcium 3-(acetylamino)propanesulphonate; NCGC00256899-01; AK157058; CC-23625; N-acetylhomotaurine, calcium (2:1) salt; Q327; calcium acetylhomotaurinate; AB0017521; LS-120941; FT-0621712; D02780; J10409; 3-Acetamido-1-propanesulfonic Acid Calcium Salt; C-21717; 3-(Acetylamino)-1-propanesulfonic Acid Calcium Salt; I06-0328; 3-(Acetylamino)-1-propanesulfonic acid hemicalcium salt;

Keywords: 77337-73-6,MFCD00886588,1P003O2P,Acamprosate Calcium,C10H20CaN2O8S2

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