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Molecular Formula:BiClH6O

Molecular Weight:266.4804

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: bismuth oxychloride; Bismuth oxychloride; Basic bismuth chloride; Wismut(III)-chlorid-oxid; Chlorooxobismuthine; Bismuth subchloride; Pigment white 14; Bismutum-oxychloratum; chloro(oxo)bismuthane; chloro(oxo)bismuthine; EINECS 232-122-7; Bismuth(III) chloride oxide; 7787-59-9; CI 77163; MFCD00010895; BiClO; Bismuth(III) oxychloride, 97%, pure; bismoclite; Bismuth Salts; bismuthyl chloride; BiOCl; bismuth oxochloride; bismuth oxide chloride; Mearlite; DSSTox_CID_181; bismuth(III) oxide chloride; DSSTox_RID_75419; DSSTox_GSID_20181; DTXSID2020181; BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE, BiOCl; Bismuth(III) oxychloride, 98%; Tox21_202779; AKOS015915833; LS-7231; Pearl white; NCGC00260675-01; K372; CAS-7787-59-9; I14-52305; chlorbismol; blanc de perle; Chlorooxo-bismuthine; Bi-Cl-O; BISMUTHOXYCHLORIDE; BOC (CHRIS Code); Bismuthine, chlorooxo-; C.I. Pigment White 14; Bismuth (III) oxy chloride; UNII-4ZR792I587; Bismuth chloride oxide (BiOCl); Bismuth chloride oxide (CI 77163); Bismuth Oxychloride extra pure 100gm; 4ZR792I587; CID6328152; C.I. 77163; Wismutchloridoxid; Bismut-chlorid-oxid; BIJU; BISMUTH CHLORIDE OXIDE;

Keywords: 7787-59-9,MFCD00010895,1P003OUL,BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE,BiClH6O

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