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Calcium Fluoride




Molecular Formula:CaF2

Molecular Weight:78.0748

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: Calcium Fluoride; Fluoride, Calcium; ACMC-1BK0C; AC1L2NK4; AC1L37MD; KSC377C5H; CHEBI:35437; CTK2H7153; WUKWITHWXAAZEY-UHFFFAOYSA-L; KS-000011BB; CALCIUM FLUORIDE,OPTICAL GRADE; AKOS015833222; CALCIUM FLUORIDE; RP18371; TRA-0200300; SC-18224; RT-000226; FT-0623393; I14-16481; Calcium difluoride; Fluorite; Calciumfluoride; Fluorspar; 7789-75-5; Liparite; Natural fluorite; Acid-spar; Met-spar; Calcarea fluorica; Calcium fluoratum; Fluorure de calcium; Irtran 3; FLUORITE POWDER; UNII-O3B55K4YKI; CaF2; Ca-F2; Calcium fluoride (CaF2); Fluoruro de calcio (caf2); O3B55K4YKI; HSDB 995; Calcium fluoride, 97% 100g; CID84512; EINECS 232-188-7; Calcium Fluoride 97% extra pure 500gm; Calcium fluoride, 99% - 100G 100g; MFCD00010907; AI3-01166; EC 232-188-7; 14542-23-5; Kalziumfluorid; Calcium fluoride, 99%, pure, anhydrous; Kalziumdifluorid; calcium(2+) difluoride;

Keywords: 7789-75-5,MFCD00010907,1P003P4I,Calcium Fluoride,CaF2

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