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(3-Carbamoyl-5-chlorophenyl)boronic acid




Molecular Formula:C7H7BClNO3

Molecular Weight:199.3994

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 957120-53-5; (3-Carbamoyl-5-chlorophenyl)boronic acid; FCH919692; MFCD09800858; 3-carbamoyl-5-chlorophenylboronic acid; AKOS006223403; ZINC169746223; OR11651; PS-9631; RTR-030018; AX8229978; TR-030018; 3-Borono-5-chlorobenzamide; ST24020374; V9801; A-3883; Boronic acid, B-[3-(aminocarbonyl)-5-chlorophenyl]-; I01-10600; C7H7BClNO3; (3-Carbamoyl-5-chlorophenyl)boronicacid; 3-Carbamoyl-5-chlorobenzeneboronic acid; ACMC-209s40; SCHEMBL5149218; CTK5H8095; DTXSID80656988; ZX-AT000317; ANW-40702;

Keywords: 957120-53-5,MFCD09800858,1P0037CS,(3-Carbamoyl-5-chlorophenyl)boronic acid,C7H7BClNO3

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